AIDA64 Extreme 7.20

AIDA64 Extreme 7.20

Get detailed information about the hardware and software resources in your PC
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Designed for experts by the experts that brought us Everest, AIDA64 Extreme is capable of analyzing and displaying in real time everything you wanted to know (and then more) about every component of your PC in the most comprehensive way. Suitable for professional benchmarking, this diagnostics utility offers any interested user not only a wealth of useful data, but also convenient stress tests and reports.

The program’s interface is nicely organized, offering two ways of accessing each option – either clicking on the icons provided in the main panel or using the menu on the vertical panel on the left. These are actually only the main categories, each of them including a long list of more specific options. Thus, you’ll find a general category for your “Computer”, a specific one only for the “Motherboard”, and others to check the OS, the server, your PC’s display, the network, multimedia hardware, storage devices, and even a whole category for “Software”, where you can check your licenses, the installed programs, the file types, the programs in the auto start, etc.

The extensive information the program provides about all hardware components and their performance is certainly what makes it a reference for professional benchmarking. Actually, if you browse down to the “Benchmark” section, you’ll find more than a dozen options to check and compare your system’s memory (read, write, copy, and latency), your CPU (Queen, PhotoWorxx, ZLib, AES, and Hash), and the FU (VP8, Julia, Mandel, and SinJulia). Another favorite is the program’s System Stability Test, or stress tests. Here you can perform individual stress tests for your CPU, FPU, cache, system memory, local disks, and GPU(s), and most importantly, you can combine them in numerous ways to achieve more realistic (lower) values than those you get when analyzing each component separately (higher).

The wealth of both static and dynamic data that AIDA64 Extreme provides is certainly worth the fee required to remove the 30-day-trial limitation, which hides the most sensitive and/or interesting information about your computer. This Extreme version is the lowest in terms of tag price, and though it covers all the functionality related to diagnostics and hardware monitoring of your personal computer, you will need to upgrade to the Engineer, Network Audit, or Business versions to access network-, remote-, and corporate-related functions.

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Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers detailed and accurate information in real time
  • Provides extensive printable reports
  • Organizes all components of your PC in useful categories


  • Starting price may be a bit high


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